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mosen factory

Excellent and stable product quality.

The company strictly implements the procedures of screening and auditing of raw material suppliers, incoming material testing and incoming material comparison. First-class production process design and program control, so that each batch of products more stable and traceable, efficient production control; High precision electrified product test bench can meet the testing schedule of products and achieve high consistency and stability of products.

mosen qualified plants

High cost performance and gold content of products.

The company's superior geographical location and capable management team, reduce transportation and labor costs; Reduce production costs by strictly controlling procurement costs and implementing efficient production control; Professional R&D team and technical service team, can continue to provide cost-effective new products.

mosen equipment

Continuous and reliable product supply.

The company has sufficient production capacity, and has a high degree of control over the price, quality and stable supply of raw materials, laying the foundation for sustainable production. Reasonable distribution of sales storage network and efficient operation mechanism, to ensure that domestic orders 24 hours after delivery, foreign orders achieve 1-2 weeks.

Design and Materials

Incoming Quality Control

Incoming Quality Control

SENYA attachs great importance to product quality, the quality of raw materials can directly determine the quality of finished products. Strict inspection can achieve product perfect performance. We will test that all metal contents in copper 58-3A meet the production standards of the factory.