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Ningbo SENYA Pneumatic Technology Co., Ltd. is an R&D and manufacturing company. We are committed to producing all kinds of pneumatic components to fulfill clients' product demands or application solutions

  • Water dispenser

    The water dispenser needs extremely high cleanliness. We have customized exclusive silica gel seals, which can not affect the quality of drinking water for a long time, and can have very stable quality in high temperature environment

  • Robotic control system

    SV series D-sub directional manifold can install to the robotic arm bracket. It can reduce 80% labor cost, enjoying the plug-out and plug-in product experience.  

  • Primary air system

    For the outdoor unit of the fresh air system, the volume of the product is required to be more compact. We have customized special socket wiring harness, which can facilitate the customer's wiring and installation

  • Agriculture irrigation system

    pesticide spraying industry---our special seals design in vision. It has good resistance to corrosive pesticides

  • New energy heat management system

    SY22310 series can be well applied to battery thermal management systems, the product has the characteristics of free installation, which is not the advantage of other traditional solenoid valves. High flow, compact design, can be installed in many small Spaces


Producing all kinds of pneumatic components to fulfill clients' application solutions

  • Application
    New energy battery thermal management system
  • Application
    2W025-08 for fresh air system
  • Application
    Commercial water dispenser systems
  • Application
    Application of road car washing machine
  • Application
    Air compressor condensate drainage system
  • Application
    Domestic gas applications
  • Application
    Boiler cooling system-SY223
  • Application
    Dust removal tower application